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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fourthcore Team Deathmatch Toronto Event


Last weekend, #FTDM made it's way up into the (not-so) frozen north in the form of a tournament ran by RWaluchow over at Crypt Thing. RWaluchow ran the games, and also played in them so we could have enough numbers for 3 vs 3. This was my second experience with FTDM live, the first being a 2 vs 2 vs 2 game on RWaluchow's Court of the Storm Lord map.

This time, we started with one of the first maps, The Citadel. Each match lasted an hour, but the first seemed to fly right by. A combination of luck and solid tactics saw our team in the lead position throughout the game (and by luck I mean the Bugbear Slayer played by RWaluchow a good portion of the map prone and humiliated.) I played a warlock binder, who hit some good damage, and our two Eladrin mages were able to make great use of the ballista.

In the Court of the Storm Lord map, a combination of bad luck and solid tactics lead to our team losing by two kills. I spawned in the whirlwind twice, and RWaluchow and Gingerbeard Man were able to use the blood sacrifice secure victory in the second to last round. Gingerbeard was also able to use his Enchanter to great effect, sliding us off of ledges, and the Warlock on the other team was hard to take down with his steam of temporary hit points.

The second match was a bit slower than the first, as line of sight and mobility were problematic. Some tweaks by RWaluchow will make it a lot smoother, and ready for our next event (coming soon!)


  1. What I love about FTDM is the great mix of pregame strategy, on-the-field tactics, and luck. IT really makes for a satisfying mix.

    Luck and tactics really paved the way to both of our victories.

    1. Absolutely. The three pillars of pvp, as it were.